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If you're troubleshooting a behavior issue, talk to our Training Director directly by using the Pick Leigh's Brain form.

Coverage Area
and Locations

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We do in-home lessons and behavior consults in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County and select NJ locations. We explain more about this on our Staff and Coverage Area page.

If you live outside this area and want behavioral advice, get in touch. We may be able to refer you to someone or possibly work with you by Skype or phone (depending on the nature of the problem, of course.)

Where we teach:

2590 Schukraft Rd., Quakertown

Our 5-acre headquarters near Route 309.

• Classes and Workshops • Behavior Consults
• Private Lessons • Boarding School • Country Adventure Days • Off-Leash Hiking • Agility
• Woods & Creek • Swimming Pool

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3510 Scotts Lane, Suite #3112
East Falls, Philadelphia PA 19129
(Just south of Manayunk)

(Next to East Falls Glassworks on Scotts Lane.)

We offer:
• Classes and Workshops • Behavior Consults
• Private Lessons • Day School Programs •  Agility

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Dog Training & Behavior Problem Solving in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Training & Behavior Consults: Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery Counties and select NJ locations

Classes: Held in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia and at our headquarters in Quakertown, PA